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3 Reasons Why the Samsung 52 LCD LN52A850 is Perfect For Viewing Your Holiday Favorites

The Samsung 52 LCD LN52A850 is the perfect set in place for enjoying your holiday break favorites. This television set will breathe new life into your selected movies. You will almost feel like you are watching them for the very first time. Robert Carradine net worth

Samsung uses three cool features to bring your holiday classics to life.

50, 000: 1 Way Contrast Rate

This feature allows the Samsung fladskærm LCD LN52A850 to screen the most lifelike picture you’ve ever seen. Several say it’s like finding your chosen actors and performers through a window. Other folks say it’s like viewing a play. 

Either way, you’ve got to pinch yourself when you see the realistic look in the picture this TV delivers.


This feature brings an unmatched level of detail to your picture. You’ll notice the person leaves on trees. A close up of those leaves will reveal the veins reaching through them. You’ll feel almost like you are holding the leaf in your hands.

Digital Natural Image Engine

After seeing a forest or the ocean using Samsung’s Digital Nature Photo Engine, you’ll realize the amount of detail you were lacking with your old collection.

You’ll see little intricacies that you never understood existed until now. The jaw dropping clarity will amaze you. After manual and automatic transmissions the Samsung 52 FLAT SCREEN LN52A850’s video output to either your old established or some of Samsung’s competitors, you’ll know why Samsung is so well liked by customers.

Imaging looking at those snowy holiday views on your new collection. You will see it almost as if you were actually there and that’s the way characteristics intended it.

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