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9 Components of Good SEO – How to Help People Find Your Service Business on the Internet

Tens of millions of people in america search for service businesses on a monthly basis. When they execute those searches, they usually are looking in newspapers or advertising in the hard-copy Yellow Pages. During the last fifteen years, the Internet is among the most dominant technology for local service business searches. SEO in Longmont CO

Plus working with SEO / SEM and web design for almost ten years now and I actually have met literally hundreds of service company owners who have no idea what search engine optimisation is or how it can be used to help clients find their business online.

9 Components of Very good SEO – How to Help Clients Find You

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining visibility for your company on the Net. It involves a series of activities such as:

studying keywords, 
submitting businesses to online directories,
creating destinazione tags and the right website content,
setting up social media accounts,
writing and publishing articles,
creating pr campaigns,
generating incoming web links,
blogging (if desired), and
creating video (if desired).
I mostly work with businesses in Hawaii, CO and i also talk to business owners in the region every day who have a pleasant website that cost them hundreds of dollars. The problem is that the website is getting almost no meaningful traffic. That is why SEO is so critically important. Good seo gives your website the best chance of getting noticed by all those people who require your service.

The SEO Circumstance

Imagine that you receive a choice between an incredible web site design with average SEO and an average website design with extraordinary SEO. Which do you choose? Most service companies I actually know would take the incredible design. Sadly, they are playing a great looking website that no-one sees. It is a wasted investment.

Good Net Design + Good SEO = More Clientele

Perform yourself a favor and do a search for (your service business) in (your city). If you are a chiropractor in Ogden, UT, do a search for chiropractors in Odgen UT. You get the point. Will you land on the front site or use the entry two pages? If not, make a commitment to implementing the 9 Elements of Good SEO into the web strategy and help people find your business online.

Bill Tamminga is an SEO expert and website designer in Colorado, CO. Dr. murphy is the founder of TM&C, an online design and SEO / SEM company that specializes in helping service businesses in Denver create and grow their consumer base using action-oriented WordPress websites and unsurpassed seo. To date every TM&C client has at at a minimum one listing on the front page of Yahoo.

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