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Spencer ‘ Rampage’ Jackson performed M. A. Barracus inside the A-Team (A- Team) movie – the film adaptation of the reach Tv shows. It has been one of the most difficult roles to choose for casting equipment, due to the physical characteristics to be found in the interpreter and the stress of participating in such dynamic and athletic characters – but if anyone was well-prepared for the pains of stunt-work (minimal though it was), it would be the previous Light Heavyweight winner of the mixed-martial artistry world. solarmovie

In fact, the A-Team movie was a who’s-who of famous famous actors. Accompanying Rampage Jackson was a cast that included Bradley Cooper as Fenix, and Liam Neeson as Hannibal. At the time of this writing it remains to be verified that will play Murdock. It will be declared soon, as it is expected to commence creation in autumn in Vancouver, Canada. 

On the battlefront, Quinton Jackson had a huge fight on his hands at UFC 123 when he faced Lyoto Machida light heavyweight in action. Before the fight, Rampage had been giving his judgment on the style of the sometimes not so exciting Machida:

“Why change it because Now i’m associated with him? For what reason change the way We like to fight just because somebody who operates is across from myself? I’m ready for any fight. I prefer to fight someone that will give a show with this problem, and who will put up and explode. People like that are true warriors; true fighters like the extreme fighting styles of BJ Penn and Matt Barnes. I like to see people like that. We feel Excellent fighting nature, a spirit of a true warrior. At the time you get into the Octagon, you only have to bring it and lay it all on the line. Mainly because to fight in training for mma takes guts, man. Is actually not like boxing where guys are hugging and trying to look for a decision. We are MIXED MARTIAL ARTS fighters – we are the world’s best sports athletes. I hate to see the change in our sport and boxing, where people do not even want to fight. We cannot even see a real boxing match any longer. ”

Of course, these words ring with a lot of truth from the man that went through veritable wars in SATISFACTION and the early ULTIMATE FIGHTER CHAMPIONSHIPS. Rampage has destroyed oppositions, and taken a number of defeats, himself – but he always arrived to throw down and throw down brutally. Most likely in his new deal with career with Bellator MIXED MARTIAL ARTS that organization will prize their promise to him that he can get involved in any movie functions coming his way.

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