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Borrowers Can Still Find Cheap Loans

Even though secured loans and other kinds of credit are becoming increasingly expensive borrowers can still find products with competitive rates of interest, it is often suggested. loans near me on reddit

According to Samantha Owens, head of personal finance at Moneyfacts, a number of lenders are either withdrawing some of their cheapest lending options and/or increasing the rates of interest placed on such borrowing. As an example, she noted that Manchester Building Society and GENERAL ELECTRIC Money have both left the sector in recent weeks. Moreover Ms Owens pointed out that LoanOne and SPPL have removed all of their products from the secured loan range. 

Meanwhile, Money Lovers is also on keep track of to do so from November 9th. However, the Moneyfacts analyst asserted that loans offering competitive rates could be found “especially if you are asking for larger sums of money”. Despite this she encouraged that as interest levels continue to rise and lenders withdraw from the sector, unless loan people action now, they could find that borrowing is within “a very different picture in some months’ time”.

Master of science Owens added that if the payment protection insurance (PPI) sector, which can help cover consumers’ loan repayments should they become ill or lose their job, is revamped consumers could see personal lending options and various other borrowing becoming increasingly expensive.

She said: “Rates have been increasing slowly but surely for some a few months, with competition putting increased pressures on margins and bad debts on the increase. However the credit meltdown appears to be the final toenail in the coffin, as lenders continue to increase rates but more amazingly withdraw their products completely. Anyone buying a loan would be advised to take action sooner rather than later as there appears to be no let in interest rate rises. If PPI is reformed, which it is rather much in need of, the landscape of competitive rates could become a thing of days gone by. ”

In the meantime, Julia Harris, mortgage expert for Moneyfacts, reported that self documentation borrowers are set to come under the most financial pressure therefore of loan lenders increasing interest levels and pulling out products. She remarked that the credit crunch, which saw numerous providers make tighter their lending criteria, at first mainly damaged sub-prime borrowers nevertheless self recognition clients are “beginning to feel the pinch”.

In return this has led to higher risk borrowers more and more struggling to not only apply successfully for a loan but also find one which offers a competitive rate of interest. Consequently, Ms Harris advised that “it pays more than ever” for those looking to make application for a loan to take the time to find a very good product which is suited to their individual borrowing needs.

Taking, moneysupermarket reported that a quantity of loan lenders have increased the interest charged on their unsecured loans as the financial sector looks to claw back profits after research from your bank of England indicated that the mortgage industry is a “shrinking market”. Louise Cuming, head of mortgages for the price comparison website, claimed that although the accessibility to cheap lending options will diminish over the short-term, competitive products will re-emerge once more. Therefore, those consumers concerned about any financial pressure they may face may wish to apply for a loan at the earliest opportunity.

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