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Cheap Flights – Poor Service

Following staying in Madrid for a while Choice to visit Rome, Italy initially. I thought of being there for only one week so I viewed for cheap flights so i did not have to spend lots of money on the trip. I explored for airline companies on the web and I actually learned that prices mixed a lot among different airlines. I found air travel tickets which were between EUR20 and EUR300. While prices were so different, I decided to learn why.

On the one side I found that companies which offered cheap routes were not that good because what they were really doing was minimizing their operating costs to the utmost so that they could make profits from a ticket which was worth as much as a bus fare. international airlines

The so-called low-cost businesses are relatively new. Two many years ago, if someone advised you that you could travel from Madrid to Rome for as much as EUR20, you will not believe that. New air travel companies were created in the 90s together with the European monetary deregulation. These companies were required to gain market. But what performed they have to do in order to remain competitive with big organizations and get a fraction of the market? The answer consisted of an intense price battle. The new and small airlines reduced their costs and began to offer their customers the opportunity of touring through cheap flights at incredibly convenient prices. 

Airline carriers differ from the other person in three areas: the functioning area, the service area and the human area. An organization that provides cheap flights just for EUR20 will not have the same company structure and firm as a company that provides an EUR300 trip ticket. I want to see the differences.

When it comes to the operating area, planes are often smaller and therefore, they have less seats. Consequently, using cheap flights will be something such as traveling by train or bus. In addition, stopovers are likely to be shorter, taking below an hour so that they can go on traveling by air and having more plane tickets. By doing this, almost all of the time planes are not on solid floor so control is prevented. Another fact you have to know is that low-cost flights destinations do not land on main airports, but in less frequent airports. That is why these companies do not have to pay so much for income taxes.

With regards to the service, food is not provided in cheap flights. If you want to eat something, you will need to pay for it. On-board service is poor. Client service tends to be inadequate because they do not have customer satisfaction office buildings. Everything regarding sales and information is completed online. You can buy your flight ticket and then print a voucher, go to the airport and exchange it for your boarding pass.

About the human area, these companies generally have few people working for them. Mainly because they do not normally have customer care offices, they need fewer people for running their business. That they sell cheap flights online. Employees do not have high-quality uniforms and what is more, they are not provided accommodation at hotel as they are traveling from one destination to another almost all of the time.

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