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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Have A Long And Strong History With Consumers

Electrolux vacuum cleaners have liked a quite reputable background; mostly due to evident customer loyalty the brand has gained over time. For occasion, one Electrolux owner’s granddaughter has watched her granny use the same Electrolux vacuum cleaner since your woman was a little young lady, more than 30 years, and the machine continues to be just as powerful. Best vacuum for pet hair

One other consumer used her pressure cleaner consistently for 20 years and immediately substituted her worn out model with a brand new Electrolux. If all products received this type of reward, there might have never recently been a need for modern-day consumer reports. 

While Electrolux vacuum cleaners have always been popular for their workmanship, their name has gone through many changes. First created in Laxa, sweden more than 90 years ago, Electrolux cleaners were soon cleaning floors in homes throughout Europe. Within just ten years, production of pressure cleaners for the Usa States and Canada was started by Electrolux, LLC in Dallas, TX.

Lately, AB Electrolux in Laxa, sweden decided to cash in on the demand for their trademark in America and offered Texas Electrolux manufacturers $50 million to alter their 80 year old name to Aerus.

Aerus has continued to provide Americans and Canadians with durable, hard working Electrolux vacuums under both brands and, while their products haven’t seen many changes, their sales methods have changed drastically.

When Electrolux first started out in America, salesman traveled from door to door, demonstrating and selling the floor cleaners to middle-income housewives. As time progressed, the Electrolux collection was promoted in numerous division stores.

These attempts weren’t very successful, but some models are still found in a few major department stores. Most of today’s Electrolux vacuum purifiers are sold by using an individually owned franchise store. Generally there are more than five-hundred Aerus dealers across the Us and Canada, including several islands as well.

Aerus also promotes their Electrolux vacuum cleaners online through the website, but a registered account is needed to acquire the products through the site and there are no obvious buttons that allow people to click and buy.

The “buy now” link offers a fairly easy way to find a store near by for those considering buying a vacuum cleaner. Consumers can also schedule a product demonstration or request additional information through the website.

The very first American Electrolux vacuum cleaners were innovatively fashioned with a fairly easy to maneuver tank attachment. This kind of style of vacuum solution is commonly known as the cylinder vacuum. Today, the Lux Classic, once referred to as Electrolux UltraLux 2k, continues to be one of the most popular models available from Aerus.

There are numerous styles of Electrolux products on the market, now branded simply Lux, but this classic cylinder style has proven to be a dependable workhorse that often lasts provided that 40 years.

Service and Vehicle repairs for Classic Electrolux Vacuums

Electrolux vacuum cleaners are favorites in many American households because of their long life span, nonetheless they do occasionally need repair. Any authorized Electrolux supplier can make repairs to your machine, although floor cleaners bought online, through craigs list, or elsewhere outside of a franchise dealer are not have warranty.

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