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Essential Tips on Where to Store Your Ladder

First of all, you want to step off the ladder, at the greatest point in your roof- there’s not much use in putting the ladder, say, in the laundry, if you step off the ladder and it’s only a metre high… You’ll certainly be banging your head each and every time going into your roof space.¬†hochsitz kaufen

The existing manhole, is a good start, so pick up a ladder, stick your head into your roofing space and have a look in which the highest point in your roof can be found. Quite often it’s in the passageway, or a room, which is central in the structure.¬†

The other factor is the foldout and the outstanding dimensions of your chosen ladder. The fold away is the amount of space you will have to unfold the ladder- a diagram hereabouts shows the measurement of our Eco ladder.

You are going to note that in this kind of ladder model, you’ll need to allow enough space for the ladder to be folded up and down without obstruction.

The other things people get concerned with, but don’t have to be, is the air conditioner ducting in your roof.

When we build a storage place in your roof we often put additional sections of ducting and then re-route the ducting around the storage area area. This makes no difference to the performance of your air-con, but leaves the storage space totally free of ducting that you’d probably have to constantly step over.

Next comes the issue of electrics and pipes.

When electrical wires cross over the potential ladder location we bring in a qualified electrician to re-rout the wiring for lights, smoke detectors and so forth. around where we’ll be working. When water or gas pipes obstruct the ladder location, we’ll put together a plumber to do the same – now understand that getting these additional services done costs extra, so it could be better if we locate the ladder opening somewhere where problems don’t exist.

Hangers, collar-ties and support struts can also play a part in to track down your in-roof storage space. You don’t want to be playing dodgem and having to jump over or limbo under these timbers.

Ideally, we want to put the utility area over load bearing walls, where there is a clear access and a good open area where likely to be active within the roof storage area. When we need to move any supporting structure, we have our Registered Constructor attend and instruct our installers the simplest, safest and most cost-effective way to ensure you get an open area, free of obstacles and still maintain full structural integrity.

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