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Eye Surgeons and Cosmetic Procedures

Eyesight surgeons are one of the extremely revered professionals in the world. As the amount of eye related ailments continue to rise, a regular check-up with your local eye surgeon is currently becoming the norm.

These types of professionals, better known as ophthalmologist surgeons may easily treat almost all of a persons vision problems that plague society. In this manner, ophthalmologist treatments are specially designed to help patients achieve the very best quality of eye health. acne treatment

Though cosmetic surgery might not exactly be their core practice, several reputable eye doctors perform a host of cosmetic surgeries.

Rhinoplasty before and after pictures

Generally there are several cosmetic types of procedures that any qualified attention surgeon is capable of doing on a patient. These procedures are being used to rectify minor problems associated with eye. These types of include laser skin resurfacing, anti-wrinkle injections, as well as Thermage. 

Anti-wrinkle Photos

Anti-wrinkle injections are being used to get rid of wrinkle and frown lines from crow’s feet and forehead. As natural as aging is, it often ends in a person having several age lines or wrinkles across their face. Again, this is induced as the skin and face muscles commence to lose their elasticity. These anti-wrinkle injections would be the least unpleasant means for minimizing such wrinkles. They include a muscle relaxant that is targeted on the face muscles only. The full procedure may story lower than ten minutes for the attention surgeon to complete. Answers are varied and may be seen within 2 to 3 days after the procedure. Shallow crimp lines are eliminated completely while heavy or profound crease lines are substantially improved.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser technology has recently been recently developed to assist in removing acne scarring and wrinkles from the face. This procedure is referred to as laser skin resurfacing. That works by removing all damaged superficial layers on one’s face, prompting skin to produce new collagen which aids in bettering skin texture and removing wrinkles. The full procedure may take approximately 1 ) 5 hours for a complete face when carried away by an effective surgeon.


Recently, new non-invasive treatments have been developed that helps in tightening their skin giving them a healthier look. The most common of such treatments is Thermage. Thermage utilizes radio frequency technology commonly referred to as Thermacool. This offers a manipulated amount of energy into the skin which effect warms up the skin’s collagen. The procedure results in immediate tightening of the skin with the overall result being noticed in just over two months. Contrary to the majority of treatments which may require regular visits to your local eye physician, this procedure only requires one such treatment.

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