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False Concepts in “Conversations With God”

The Conversations with God (CwG) books are transcripts of actual, mental conversations involving the author and a nature claiming to be The almighty. These books challenge traditional Christian theology and present alternative metaphysical concepts. Yet , the purpose of this article is to discuss the particular basic building – the foundational ideas, or core concepts – of the CwG catalogs. These concepts are spelled out for you in Book 1. Many wonderful ideas for an improved world are presented in Catalogs 2 and 3, and much food for thought in each of the CwG books, but only the foundational way of doing something is mentioned here. click here

Early in Publication 1, we are informed that, in order for anything to exist, it must have an reverse; that, in order for God (the unseen) to exist and also to know Itself, there must be something that is not God (the obvious creation). Without relativity and marriage – made possible by God’s creation of the visible, physical world – God can neither are present nor know Itself apart from conceptually. These ideas are presented on pages 22-26 (First Hardcover Edition, 1996). 

I will mention here that relativity and relationship fit to the physical world. They are facets of our experience of the world in conditions of opposites, or dualities, and clashes: cold and hot, considerably and near, pleasure and pain, good and bad, the observer and the observed, for example. All of us judge something as cool or far pertaining to their opposites, hot or close to. Cold and hot, or far and near are not absolutes; they can be found only in relation to, or in accordance with, each other. In the realm of eternal oneness, of God as the unchanging Absolute, who is present forever, relativity and opposites do not exist.

The almighty is beyond even our grandest concepts of “Him”, and in order to really know Him, one has to experience Him as infinite love and oneness, beyond duality. This kind of happens when, through His grace, generally after lives of selfless service and seeking, one merges with God (perhaps in deep meditation) and, in the state of Christ Intelligence or Cosmic Consciousness, activities God as the Substantial Reality. But these declares of consciousness, which much surpass our dualistic activities in the physical dominion, are not discussed in “Conversations”. Those saints and mystics who have experienced oneness with God as the Father (the Overall, beyond all physical manifestation) tell us that this state is so marvelous it cannot be effectively described in conditions of human concepts. Enlightened owners, such as Jesus, train that to regain this lost paradise of bliss-consciousness – the dominion of God – is the ultimate destiny of every man. But awareness of our oneness with The almighty only comes when mind is developed and filtered. Through virtue and self-discipline, moving into unconditional love, examine of spiritual truth, and deep meditation, one rattles off earthly attachments, spirit, judgmental attitudes, hate, apprehension and anger, and attracts ever nearer to happy oneness with God.

Generally there is a sharp compare between teachings which may have come to us from educated beings, and the main teachings in Conversations with God! The latter completely reverse the teachings of enlightened beings by sharing with us that God’s living will depend on the presence of the physical universe (rather than the existence of the universe depending on God’s existence), and that God and souls can know themselves in a real and meaningful way only in conditions of human experience of relativities and dualities in the physical world (when, actually the reality of The almighty and souls can be truly known only by transcending physicality, relativity and duality). On pages 22-23, the god of “Conversations” says that God had a desire to really know what it experienced like to be wonderful and, for that reason, created spirits to experience Him in relative terms. For only through our human experience of Him as impressive could He experience His magnificence.

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