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Four Costly Mistakes Contact Center Execs and Recruiters Make When Filling Key Leadership Positions

Is actually not unusual for a recruitment process to take 60 – 90 days (even much longer in certain geographies) to find the right person to fill an open Get in touch with Center senior-level leadership position. Unfortunately, it only will take one day to reduce valuable customers and clients! Temp agencies London

In today’s dynamic Contact Centre environment, what executive or recruiter can afford to have a key command position open for 3 months, two months… or even two weeks for that matter? You see, if you have an open key leadership position within your contact center, daily that passes places your business bottom-line at greater risk. 

Here are four costly mistakes that commonly take place during lengthy recruitment intervals, and negatively impact the bottom-line:

Mistake #1:

Potential employer and HR Administrator boosts the level of pressure put on the recruiting staff to ‘speed up’ the hiring process.

Also the most efficient employer and recruitment process takes a reasonable amount of time to fill positions, especially key contact center management positions. Rushing the process only increases the probability of hiring the incorrect person for the job. And, when that occurs, you quickly turn your short-term issue into to a much longer-term problem.

Mistake #2:

Hiring Director assigns a less experienced internal part of the team to cover the senior leadership gap until an everlasting replacement arrives.

Possibly the most competent, keen and high-potential part of the team often experience difficulties navigating through the unclear lines of responsibility, accountability and authority. And, if not considered or selected to permanently complete the open position, no matter of how well the expectations were set, the ‘interim’ internal team customer is often left sense demoralized and passed over.

Mistake #3:

Hiring administrator assumes additional tasks of the open leadership position, while juggling his/her regularly assigned job duties.

This kind of option often appears simple at first. However, this choice adds even more tasks to an already full plate of tasks. Consequently, important strategic and fiscal initiatives generally undergo in lieu of dealing with time-sensitive and tactical detailed issues. When this occurs, the long-term success of the contact center is put at risk, while the short-term challenges are only moderately addressed.

Oversight #4:

Hiring Manager contains staff and lower-level commanders accountable for sustaining performance, quality and productivity levels before the new innovator arrives.

This approach may appear good in theory, and may be sustainable over a short time frame (four weeks or less). Even so, in most dynamic contact centers, 30 days is enough time for performance and productivity to take a downward trend. In fact, the most costly mistake of most is choosing to weather the storm, in hopes that any destroyed realized throughout the recruitment period is easily reversible when the new leader occurs.

The longer my authority gap… the more my bottom-line suffered.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not pointing fingers or inserting blame. Like you, I actually faced the same agonizing dilemma, to make the same mistakes. And, all of these mistakes asked an instantaneous threat to my bottom-line as well as the credibility.

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