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Get Power Point Right

A continuing professional goal for Solopreneur consultants is maintaining presence within one’s client and referral pools. The mission for speaking and instructing opportunities is a powerful strategy employed to achieve that goal, while simultaneously gratifying that other important goal of bolstering one’s reputation as an expert and thought leader. background power point lucu

Presenting to the audience or classroom usually requires slides and slide delivering presentations mean PowerPoint. Proficiency with PowerPoint is an important element of one’s capability to successfully deliver an efficient and enjoyable presentation. PowerPoint skills impact one’s capacity to get in touch with a group and influence the belief that others have of one’s expertise and even leadership ability. The technology has been around for 20 years, several people, including frequent users, still get PowerPoint wrong. 

We all cram too much textual content on our slides. An individual tells us we should liven things up and recommends we use Show Art, so we toss that in, along with some cheesy slide changes, to make certain that the group stays awake. We include too many slides, because we rely upon PowerPoint like a crutch to move the presentation along, somewhat than using our words and connection with the group to create the flow.

When teaching a course there are typically more slides and even more text message per slide than would be included in a presentation at a getting together with or conference. Nevertheless, course instructors and presenters are recommended to unchain themselves from PowerPoint tyranny and find out to use the technology to its full advantage. Below are a few guidelines that will help you to finally get PowerPoint right:

Tell a compelling story that the audience will value and understand. Know your audience and present a subject that is relevant and addresses questions for which they would like answers. The story must be coherent, easy to follow and have a starting, middle and end.

Shape the top issue that you will present at the start of the talk. Next, discuss the major challenges and opportunities that will impact the situation. Reveal what you consider as the preferred solution at the end. Conclude with a synopsis of key points and invite questions from the group.

Distill the major points: give broad strokes and avoid complex details.

Sprinkle in a few relevant charts and charts that support your tale. In addition they provide visual interest to the slides.

Make use of bullet points. Communicate in short and powerful claims and not paragraphs.

Perform not clutter your photo slides with text. Do not use “busy” charts or graphs. Make the photo slides clear and simple to read.

Check your spelling and grammar.

Keep the baptistère steady and background colors and styles appropriate to your topic and audience. Judiciously include good quality images that illustrate a major point and progress the story. Avoid Cut Art and distracting glide transitions.

Practice your demonstration and ensure that your spoken text and your slides operate concert.

Get enthusiastic, be confident and engage your audience. Possess fun!

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