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Google Advertising Made Easy For Small Businesses

With online advertising spend ruling TV advertising last 12 months for the first time, and many spent on Yahoo AdWords, plainly SMEs need to understand how to find out Google to survive and grow online.

The great things about Google Advertising versus high street are clear: low cost commitment, higher level of control, high measurability, the capability to perform accurate geo targeting of customers, and a chance to react quickly to improve performance. web development firm

The issues SMEs face are extensive: limited time and money (75% of SMEs from a current survey ran advertising campaigns direct and not via an agency just to save money), yet very few feel they understand how to optimise campaigns with 46% of the review saying they miss it enough to make promotions work effectively and 39% saying they you do not have time to manage the promotions. Fifty-two per cent said their campaigns were not profitable, with 54% expressing they get traffic to their site but little or no converts to actual business. 

There also is the fear factor: the dread from the mountain of questions such as whether to use Google’s Search or Network service, a company or to run campaigns directly, what the optimal levels to invest are, what is a good RETURN ON INVESTMENT, how to make screaming ads, and the way to use the Google tools and information to optimise campaigns.

In conditions of the organization versus direct question, the features of using an organization are the experience you tap into and the time saved as promotions can be live the same day. The cons are cost (with set monthly charges, a ratio charge on advertising spend and 6-12 month fastener in contracts).

The Search versus Network question on the search engines will depend on the nature of your advertising. If the service is very niche and specific to a limited number of keywords then Search is the better option, otherwise you should pick up businesses from the cheaper network demonstrating banner ads.

Banner advertising can be a costly exercise and SMEs should try and use a quality online service.

In conditions of optimising promotions, there are an amount of techniques including STOMACH testing of different advertising styles, developing specific key phrase journeys (from keyword to ad text to content on the landing pages) to build up Top quality Scores and lower the cost per click paid, testing board and small keyword terms, long vs short tail, optimising between click through rate, impacts and conversion rates on your site, to name a few.

In brief optimising on Google Ppc is possible and can deliver real value to your online business but it takes focussed daily management. Alternatives include using an agency specialised in Yahoo Advertising and working specifically with smaller businesses.

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