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Google Places 2011 – Eight Predictions For the Very Unpredictable Local Search Engine Leader

My own Google Alert is heading crazy under the key word I most care about: Google Places. There has been another spotting of possible new design changes being tested or previewed in Podunk Iowa. The pundits are scribbling in their websites and Tweets. The SEM experts are quaking in their boots. What is going to this next change do to or for their clients. google scrape

Tags, Critique, Instant, Boost, forget about six pack, integration of standard search and Google Spots, new rules, new guidelines trashed with old guidelines in force. And with each change the alguma coisa goes crazy. Companies that had enjoyed great rank can’t be found. Firms who haven’t even believed their listings are amount one. One thing for sure, the changes will not likely stop because we caught up a new calendar. What might Google do in 2011? Listed below are my top eight predictions for changes in Google Places the coming year. 

1. Yahoo Places will not only always dominate as the most critical advertising engine on or off of the web in 2011, but it is going to actually grow in effect to the point that Uncle Sam will have a look at whether this is monopolistic or not. The us government may already be considering the issue, but in 2011 there will be at minimum rumblings and rumours of intervention.

2. Yahoo knows full well that the could be the circumstance, and will begin taking more steps to avoid government action. This 12 months it would seem to be clear that their decision to show third party reviews (like Yelp, Yahoo, and City Search) above reviews created by Google Accounts holders would seem to be to validate their wide open up eyes about monopoly grievances. One such step is going to be to change the protocol to provide other local search engines and directories higher visibility under local SMB categories.

3. Google will crack down hard on violations of their Doctor Rules. In particular the key word stuffing of the company name and fake locations.

4. Testimonials will dominate the rank battle on Google Areas. As always it will be impossible or practically so to determine how Google is scoring this game. However announcement that they will potentially get reviews from any source that properly marks up those reviews will bring about a host of review sites looking to get scraped.

5. You will have more huge changes in Doctor structure, content, layout, and rule book in 2011. I threw this conjecture in so that My spouse and i can be sure of getting one of these right.

6. Coupons will get some type of increase unrelated to Google Increase. Google has great email lists and the potential to advertise coupons as widely as they like. Somehow in the brand new year the promotion factor will get some big and free help. But in 2012 it will cost money to put up a voucher.

7. Google will try to do a Groupon knock off or buy one of the less players, but since they often do, they will undertake it horribly. Then they will try to buy Groupon again.

8. The Google Places Page will be completely revamped. The latest look is almost useless and unfriendly, not to mention graphically boring. Yahoo has the capability to solve this with easiness. Why they haven’t to date is a serious unknown.

So there are my top predictions for 2011. Will they do other activities that can’t even be imagined. Yep. Will they do all of these things. Intended for the most part, We hope so.

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