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Granite Hocus Pocus

We’ve always been annoyed by all the misleading information and myths that pick and choose over a specific subject and just sticks to it to the extent that you hear it just about everywhere when that subject is brought up. Starting from essentially the most well known myth that says a goldfish has a 3-second memory, bats are blind and all the way to the very best myth of all (which a lot of people still believe is true) that says tomato plants are vegetables. Even though these myths have the ability to been result packed with holes. Since it is now clear which a goldfish has quite a decent memory to even be competed in response to different sensory cues while, bats can virtually see better than us at night, only not in colour. Even the garlic are suggests vegetables until you wished to never pay taxes when you buy some (in 1883 they were classified as fresh vegetables in order to make them taxable under the Tariff Act). Rockies Granite

Unfortunately, this kind of misleading and false information always distributed with a speed faster than the velocity of light! Even basic subject areas like granite properties would not survive the inappropriate information attitude. I have no idea why some individuals decide to claim fake advice about the properties of granite although some others decide that they have to believe that it, share it and spread it everywhere without even inspecting if these people were correct. However, if you have been one of the victims who acquired been told a specific granite property, thus made the decision after the data not to get yourself a stone worktop, you are reading the perfect article. In this article, I have accumulated all the granite misconceptions and their correction so that you can review granite’s both positives and cons then make a decision whether to have a granite top or not. 

Granite myths

1) Marble worktops are absorbent.

Just how much are plastic floors absorbent? Well, granite work tops are much less absorbent than plastic. To the contrary, granite is known for its impenetrable to normal water property, thus, very safe to have granite around water works.

2) Granitic worktops lose their glow and polish over the years

Try scratching granitic and you will determine the answer yourself. Seeing that granite is not easily scratched, it does not lose its shine or polish even after years of heavy use. Basically this is true with regards to marble worktops and that is why we do not suggest marble in worktops.

3) Granite is afflicted by heat.

Granitic is actually formed from the eruption of volcanoes, does that sound like they might be damaged by little heat? Absolutely hoax. Stone worktops are heat tolerant and the sole thing you should care for when putting a hot pot out from the range on your worktop, is ensure you do not touch that same granite place and burn your probabilities.

4) Granite can be stained permanently.

Since marble is a stone and that we mentioned that it is impermeable, claiming that a granite worktop can be stained permanently basically does indeed not make sense. Though you can spot wine beverage and oil stains on your granite worktop, it can certainly be removed by using a granite special paste/cleaner that draws out the olive oil.

These are just one or two of the granite myths which may have spread over time and probably caused a lot of people to show concern of installing a granite worktop. Yet, I advise that if you ever got a question concerning marble, ask the experts within our company and I have always been sure they are going to have a lot of useful information to tell you. No longer forget to follow our next blog to know the rest of the granite myths.

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