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Henry Polic II (1945-2013)

Holly Polic II (20th March 1945 – 11th September 2013) was an American screen, stage, as well as voice actor, and was best known on Webster as Jerry Metallic. raj police admit card

In the 1980s, Holly Polic II was frequently viewed as a popular guest player on numerous game shows. His most regular guest slots were on the several indications of Pyramids, as this individual featured many times on the Pyramid of the $25, 000 and the Dick Clark as well as the John Davidson-hosted versions of the Pyramid of the $100, 500 for producer Bob Stewart. Henry Polic also do many other work, as well as hosting the 1986 game show Rubbish, the 1988 pilot resurrection eye Q, and obligation sharing announcements with Leader Goss and Johnny Gilbert on the $100, 500 Pyramid. Polic’s specialties included regional and foreign highlights, baritone singing and ballroom dancing. 

From the starting of the 1990s up to his death, Holly Polic was possibly best known in Batman as the first accented United kingdom voice of the Scarecrow: The Animated Series. In the beginning he had a profound, angry voice tone, but eventually made his words higher to suit the role. While working at Florida’s State University Holly Polic guest stared in the Theatre’s Production College in a Christmas Jean production, whereby in mil novecentos e noventa e seis he acted as Scrooge. Besides Henry Polic’s game show he also organised Rubbish from 1986 to 1987.

Veteran actor Holly Polic II, acted as the Nottingham Sheriff in the Mel Brooks series, and also when Points Were Rotten as well as Jerry Silver in Webster, died at sixty-eight years, after a long illness with cancer.

Holly Polic was obviously a well-known game-show player, presenting frequently on the Pyramid of $25, 000 and its particular eventual manifestation, the Pyramid of $100, 000, that Polic together with Prick Clark hosted. Furthermore, Holly was obviously a game-show host as well, and also running the 1986 ABC’s Double Talk. In addition to being a popular game show host, Henry Polic acted as Dracula in short , in NBCs 1970s series Monster Squad and presented as a guest in numerous shows, including Mork & Mindy, Alice, Ten Is Enough, Sheena, Tough, She Wrote, as well as Saved by the Bell. Besides Polic’s focus on Batman, he gave his voice to the Individual smurfs series and other various series including the Dukes and midnight patrol as well as the happy days and nights gang.

On Webster, Holly Polic acted as Jerry Silver, a confidant as well as the admin to Katherine (Susan Clark), which had 54 attacks of the complete series, and ran from 1983-1989 on ABC as well as in syndicate.

Born in 1945 in Pittsburgh, Holly Polic went to Sarasota State University and received his master’s degree in acting. After graduation, this individual was enlisted and positioned at Kansas Fort Riley, and later linked with the Tent Theatre of Missouri, and Miami’s Player’s Theatre, to mention but a few. The early on 1970s saw Henry Polic move to Oregon where he made his first appearance in TV as the Nottingham Sheriff in 75 and also in the When Things Were Ruined comedy, which featured Rich Gautier as Robin Engine.

Henry Polic also acquired film credits which included, the 1978 Joan Waterways, the 1977 Beau Mouvement* Last Remake, the 80 Oh, God! Book 2, then this 2000 Bring Him Home and last but not least the 2001 All You Want. Henry Polic appeared in over 70 local and regional productions, such as global premiere of Sister Action musical Broadway hit, where he initiated the Monsignor Howard role. Other theatrical credits in which Polic also starred were 1776 production of Civic Light Long Beach, West’s Hardly ever Gonna Dance Music Movie theater, Putting It Together, Are these claims Your Life, and the global production premiere of A Couple of Fellas at the Movies. Holly Polic’s stage directing credit include Fools for the Actors Cooperative in Movie as well as the Ventura Rubicon Theatre; Rick Geoghan’s world premiere of Two Gentlemen of Culminación; Nebraska’s world production red carpet introduction production; both the Fresh York as well as Los Angeles Brine Region Wedding productions; and a list breaking box office Dracula production.

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