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How I Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp

It seems like to me in this day and age, that a majority of people do not have or know their personality. I often wonder how we lost this historical wisdom. We, who as a modern people who seem to be to have everything; have nothing.

We spend existence going after “things” (who really needs an iPad, for heaven benefit: yet people queue up for them as a must have) and yet will never be truly happy.

We look for peace of mind but really there isn’t such thing because as soon as your are in your mind you are never really at serenity and when you are at peace you are not in your thoughts. 

The question is: how do you get to the idea of being happy; of moving into the now and enjoying that.

Well for myself I prefer a Himalayan Sodium and the reason that I choose to use a salt lamp is that they beautiful things and millions of years of age.

For this exercise you could use any object, even a cupcake if you so wish.

This is how it works:

1. With your gets a gut feeling give attention to one single thing until you stop struggling with it or resisting it with your concerns. This kind of will cause you to an primary calmness in your body and mind.
2. You then must choose not to judge the item in any way, attach to it, reject it as meaningless, like or hate it. This is certainly merely the need of the spirit to categorize and control and define itself by preferences. By doing this you will learn to understand and respect things on their own and not because they return you or threaten you in any way.
3. Next “listen” to the object and let it speak to you… speak back with respect and strive to learn from it….. this is will bring the beginnings of love and kindness within yourself.
4. In time a kind of contented spaciousness and inner stillness will normally ensue and bring you to a “nowness” of moving into the second.

This all does not happen in five minuets but nether was obviously a Himalayan Salt made it five minuets… it requires time and that is what you have… Utilize it wisely.

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