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How to Start Drawing and Painting

Have you ever been given art materials, maybe you received them as a birthday or Xmas present, maybe you have used them yet? It is difficult to get started, particularly if you are staring at a blank document or even a canvas and wondering what the terrible you are going to do. I have outlined below a few tips that should motivate one to create wonderful fine art work. Things to Draw

Buy a tiny draw book, A5 or even A6 in proportion, plus a pen and pencil and try to carry them around with you where ever you go. You can have one in each case/handbag you carry, or coat you wear. Whenever you have a short while, try to do a little design. Don’t worry about how precisely it turns out just keep drawing. Try drawing things that are easy, hard, are still or are moving, interesting things and boring things. This will eventually become your aesthetic vocabulary book, a great source of ideas. 
In the event that you happen to be somewhere without your draw book, produce imaginary sketches in your mind’s eyesight. Focus on something, it maybe a cup, a vase of flowers, somebody’s shoe, it doesn’t subject. Start thinking about how precisely you would draw the item, examine its shape, could it be reduced to simple shapes, where is the light received from? What color is the item, it maybe blue, but is it all the same tone, will the blue shade vary from a very good black to a warm unknown. How would you combine that blue? Think about how precisely you would commence to attract the thing, what medium would you use? Imagine the drawing emerging over a white piece of paper. Laugh possibly the wonderful painting you have produced.
Carry out you always draw to a system, by starting with simple shapes, increasing the details and concluding by having light and hue? Really want to reverse the system and start with the light and shade and find out what happens.
Why not try drawing the spots in and around the objects you see, the so -called negative space. These shapes are just as important as the objects we see. Make an effort drawing what you can see in the negative spaces , nor draw the objects that surround them. Not only does it get you looking at things in a new light nevertheless the drawing will look really interesting.
When portrait, why not restrict your colours to just two primary colours plus dark-colored and white and see how many different tones and tints you can mix? Try painting a landscape, or a family portrait with just the colors mentioned, it could be a liberating experience.
Almost all these tips are meant to get the brain working a little harder and challenge you to the actual things you aren’t do, that little tad better. To finish after some quote from Picasso, ‘I am always doing those things I can’t do because that is how I reach do them. ‘ Try doing some of your ‘can’ts’!

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