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How to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

Home windows operating system. If you do not like to put it to use or you do not want it laying around in your computer altogether, you can follow actions how to remove Windows Messenger.

Unlike the common impression, how to uninstall Windows Live Messenger is pretty easy. In fact, it can be done in just five easy steps. It is important that you know, yet , that the steps how to uninstall Glass windows Live Messenger differs with users of Windows Landscape and Windows XP correspondingly.

For Windows Vista Users:
Step #1: Click ‘Start’, which you will find on the job bar. 
Stage #2: With the ‘Start’ menu, click ‘Control Panel’. The ‘Control Panel’ window will then become visible.
Stage #3: Find ‘Programs’ at the window and then click ‘Uninstall’, that can allow you to uninstall an application.
Step #4: Find ‘Windows Live Messenger’ on the list and double-click it.
Step #5: To remove ‘Windows Live Messenger’ and all its properties completely from your computer, you must click ‘Yes’.

To get Or windows 7 Users:
Step #1: Click ‘Start’, which is found on the task bar.
Stage #2: Next, find the ‘Control Panel’ at the Start menu and click it as well.
Stage #3: On the ‘Control Panel’ window, double-click the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ menu.
Step #4: You can find ‘Windows Live Messenger’ under the ‘Currently Installed Programs’. Click the ‘Remove’ button that might be reverse ‘Windows Live Messenger’.
Stage #5: To finalize the uninstall process, you must click ‘Yes’.

If you locate a need for the program, naturally, there is no need that you can learn how to uninstall the Messenger. This content, therefore, is merely appropriate to the people who do not like using the program. It is either that they do not put it to use altogether or they are just comfortable using another program with the same feature.

Since Windows Messenger installs automatically collectively House windows operating system, you will have to uninstall it if you do not like it to be lying around in your pc. This is very true, particularly if this program is left abandoned on the long period of time. If there is any plus factor in this task, it’s the simple fact that how to remove Windows Live Messenger is not too hard to do. In fact, you do not have to become a computer wizard to accomplish it. It is as easy as counting 1-2-3!

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