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How Will the Earth Survive Polar Reversals?

Who have do you think assume that there is the risk of polar reversals impacting our planet in 2012? Well going for a quick look at the internet you can see that this is a bunch of men and women that is growing rapidly. The theorists predict that there will be a change in the earth’s permanent magnet fields news and this will bring about an extremely reversal. This reversal essentially means that the north will become south and south becomes north. Although you may be thinking what if you were to learn that has actually happened in the Earth’s history already? last day on earth survival coins hack

The magnetic field of the Earth stands to be interrupted by an entire world going by the name of Nibiru or Entire world X. This is an event that is placed to happen in January 2012. When this event occurs, the Earth will not be able to continue as it is today. However, oceanographers assume that they have actually acquired evidence that this has been something the Ground has gone through in the past. When oceanographers glance at the ocean floor, they are able to examine the seams of old lava that has solidified and hardened in a stripe-like pattern. This lava is believed to have been put there around 25, 000 years in the past and occurred due to polar reversals. When the oceanographers test the permanent magnetic field of this lava, it is the contrary for what happens to be the magnetic field of the region. 

Polar reversals can sound like a devastating way to end the world. This would show that we would face tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano lesions and catastrophic environmental occasions. Survival will not seem to be to be a choice according to much of the information that is being distributed. Finding a good source on information regarding extremely reversals should become your priority if you in order to have an judgment on what you believe will happen in the season 2012.

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