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Hungarian Beef Goulash

Goulash is a well-known dish from Hungary. In Hungary, in which the dish is known as “guly? s” or “guly? sleves”, goulash was traditionally eaten by cattlemen and cowherds focusing on the Great Hungarian Plain (which lies partly in the southern part of and eastern Hungary, but also extends into several neighbouring countries). Of course, cattlemen could not bring large amounts of food preparation equipment or ingredients with them, and so the dish was generally ready with items which they had to hand. guláš

If perhaps you have only at any time eaten North American types of goulash, you could be amazed at the taste of the Hungarian version of the dish. In North America, goulash is generally prepared as a form of stew, with lots of tomato plants, only a modest amount of herbs and seasonings, and often made using hamburger meat. This leads to a dish that is mild, a comfort food, and which is not hard and quick to prepare. American goulash often ends up resembling an Italian dinero dish, especially since it is frequently served with noodles or macaroni. 

Hungarian goulash is prepared as a soup, although by the end of the cooking process it actually has a very heavy texture. Beef shin, shank or shoulder is lower into chunks, seasoned, paprika added, and then various meats is browned. Chopped onions, and then water or stock is added. This kind of is left to gradually simmer in a cauldron (known in Hungarian as a “bogr? c”). Additional ingredients that may be added include a little tomatoes, hot pepper, cut potatoes, herbs, and perhaps a little vinegar or white wine.

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