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Is Visual Basic 6 Dead?

Absolutely no way!

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the famous American article writer: “Reports of the fatality of VB 6 have been greatly exaggerated! very well

Today, VB. NET is said to be increasingly popular in application development sectors. But is it really? Do not get myself wrong. Visual Studio june 2006, which contains VB. NET, is a great product. It is currently really object-oriented and that can make it a powerful development tool for all types of major jobs. visual basic projects

However some of the strengths of VB. NET are also major downsides. The fact it is object-oriented will greatly improve programmers’ productivity. However, the globe is packed with programmers who use VB 6 – it is still the most popular language in the world. Those computer programmers are comfortable with VB 6 as well as its not-so-object-oriented environment and are proving very reluctant to change to new object technologies that they will have to master before becoming fruitful. 

Also, to implement completely the new. NET Structure, Microsoft has already established to sacrifice backward compatibility. That means that you can’t automatically convert an application from VB 6 to VB. NET. When you transferred from VB 5 to VB 6, the alteration was painless. Everything that worked in VB 5 still worked in VB 6 plus some new, improved features that you could then opt to put into action or not.

That just isn’t the case anymore. To move a software from VB 6 to VB. NET you must travel through a conversion utility. The procedure will convert almost all of the VB 6 code although not all. In most circumstances you will have to manually convert 20% of the code. On a huge project that can be a major undertaking!

“The Marketing Department at Ms probably calculated that if they were going to actually get people to move to VB. NET, they had to provide a conversion tool – if only to create the illusion that it was an easy, easy upgrade. ”

— Kemudian Mabbutt —

So, VB 6 remains, and will remain for a long time, the most popular programming environment. Millions of programmers have grown plan Visual Basic 6 and they’ve developed an intense loyalty to the dialect. If you wish confirmation of that, just tune-in to one of the many discussion boards discussing Microsoft software and products.

There’s no reason why you can’t use VB 6 for if you want to. Even on the new Windows (Vista, scheduled for 2007) Microsoft company will offer some support for VB 6. You won’t be capable of geting Tech Support and there won’t be new Service Packs but the language will continue to work as well as it has for quite some time.

One of the only problems with using VB 6 is that weight loss buy an established copy anymore. Microsoft will not sell new copies of the software. But there are other sources, such as Amazon and craigs list where you can always find new or used copies of the software.

If you are fresh to VB 6 or you simply want to improve our skills, have yourself some good tutorials, and a good textbook. You can now find the books for VB 6 at Amazon for simply a few dollars.

Professor Mike Latreille has three decades of experience in the pc industry as a consultant and educator. He did for a number of companies, including IBM, as well as for the Canadian government.

He is at the moment conducting research in online business and eMarketing.

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