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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – Our Methods

There is also a method to cleaning kitchen exhausts. There is a right way and a wrong way to offer this service. I will go over here how I feel the right way is to clean a hood system. The first step is the build. All items are moved from the cooking equipment. Then the pilots are blown out. Plastic sheeting is draped over the equipment or a launch build is made to have all the water fall under a barrel. Note every system can be create with a funnel. kitchen exhaust system manufacturers in chennai

As soon as the cooking equipment is protected properly. Now we contain the area we ornament plastic from as high of a point as it can be hopefully the ceiling to 3 inches above the floor in front of the cooking equipment. This kind of prevents any back information of water from damaging your kitchen. 

The next step is to remove the grease filters from your kitchen exhaust system and place them where ever we are heading to be cleaning them. If possible soaking these questions chemical solution to help the cleaning of them when we get to that stage.

Today that we are create we check for energy. If there are any panels we open them and scrape out any heave grease. We also do that to the bonnet itself as well.

Nowadays it is a chance to go to where the enthusiast is located typically on the roof however there are many times the fan is located on the side of your building. One man stays on at the hood at this time armed with a shop vac prepared to suck up the water. We then flip the fan in many ways to expose the duct work and the supporter blades you should notice it is code that every fan has a hinge hook build specifically for this purpose.

As soon as the fan is flipped the action begins. The air ducting and fan blades is degreased and power laundered. Then a fan is located back. The inner part of the top of the fan is now degrease and power rinsed. All this happens while water is falling down your ductwork at a rate of between 2 to 5 gallons of water per minute depending on equipment being used. The man on a lawn inside your kitchen is looked after that as it falls. Team-work is crucial in this work!

Once the lover and duct have recently been cleaned properly it is time to move on to your kitchen engine. We move our equipment and our selves to the ground then we degrease and power clean the hood as necessary to make it clean. Sometimes scrubbing with material wool and scraping with stiff heavy metal scrapers is required.

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