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Laser Resurfacing Procedure

Laserlight resurfacing has been around for many years and has provided those who wish to turn back the time clock and remove some of the signs of maturing a powerful way of doing just that. Laser resurfacing is employed to remove fine lines, wrinkles, warts, and scars. It is also used to take out those freckles, sunspots, and other varieties of hyper pigmentation and evens overall complexion. neutrogena microdermabrasion system

While the procedure has effective for many people it has not been so effective for others particularly people with darker skin colors. In fact, it is recommended if you have dark skin that you don’t use laser resurfacing. 

You will find essentially two types of laserlight resurfacing that are being used today the CO2 laser and the Erbuim laser. A large number of people refer to the IPL as a laser beam treatment but it is a treatment method all of its.

Laser resurfacing is usually done on an outpatient basis but patients are given sleeping pills before the procedure and an area anesthetic can be used to dull the pain of the method. Depending on whether you want a general facial resurfacing or a complete facial resurfacing the process completes in about forty-five minutes to 2 several hours. Through the procedure the laser beam removes thin layers of skin one layer at amount of time in order to remove the discoloration, wrinkle or scratch.

You are going to need to arrive early on for the method and ensure you have somebody who is available to drive you home. When the treatment is completed the processed areas are then protected with an ointment and a sterile bandage which you need to continue on for three to five days depending how profound of resurfacing was performed.

In most cases patients arrive home in a good amount of pain and experience swelling and inflammation. Using cold compresses may reduce some of the pain and swelling. That can take from one particular to 2 weeks to recover from laser resurfacing and in some circumstance some of your activities may be limited for a long time.

Following care contains removing the sterile bandages when taken and rinsing the spot with cool tap water or a saline solution and a few kind of ointment to help prevent infection and scabbing.

Side effects have been seen to include: excitable pigmentation, swelling and inflammation, pain, scarring and even infection.

The cost of this procedure averages around $2, 500 but can run lower or much higher with regards to the procedure, the spot where the resurfacing is performed and the specific performing the procedure.

As a result of long recovery time and the possible serious area associated with this treatment people who are considering it is going to take their time making a decision and speak with both experts during a call and people who have actually got laser resurfacing done. Although this procedure can help you look younger it is not without dangers and understanding those dangers and what laser resurfacing can do you is the only way to make an informed decision.

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