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Magazine Printing – A Great Magazine Cover Design Equals Success

Four-one thousand, three-one thousand, two-one thousand, one-one thousand… Instances up! These four mere seconds are probably most significant determinant of the success of your magazine. It is the amount of time you have to encourage the potential reader to post your magazine rather than all the others available. Would you win or lose?

Keep in mind that seem to be quite good using those man-hours put in designing the cover, distressing that photographs and qualifications to work with, crafting all the cleaver statements, and finally, the relatively endless meetings conducted to purchase final cover design for magazine printing. album cover design

The journal cover is the main part of magazine printing in conditions of the consumer deciding to pick up, read, and purchase the magazine. In the long run, it can be the between the success or failure of a magazine. 

The cover provides two vitally important functions. Firstly, it conveys consumer recognition or branding of the magazine. Secondly, it creates interest and attracts attention to the publication, increasing the likelihood that the it will become an impulse buy at the newsstand. It must be attractive, and effectively reflect the magazine’s content.

There are four main pieces of the cover design: typography, photography, headlines and studio.

Typography, or the type and size of the fonts used, is important to create an esthetically pleasing cover. The masthead must be regular from issue to concern to “brand” the journal and create loyalty among its readers. In addition, the fonts of the masthead and the headers must complement the other person to create a cohesive cover.

The photographs used on the cover must be crisp and clear, and attract the potential reader’s attention. These photographs will change each issue, and are incredibly important artistically speaking for the cover’s success.

The headlines must be well written to create curiosity and interest among those who view it. It’s less difficult discussing the attributes of a great headline than to create one. But the headline should be written from the customer’s point of view, so which a potential buyer seeing the headline would be compelled to choose up the magazine, and buy it to learn more about the topic.

Finally, graphic design is the process by which all three of the components described above are merged into one seamless organization. A perfect cover would create an irresistible desire within the customer’s head to talk, pick up the magazine, and read and purchase it.

The individuals in charge of writing the magazine covers located at the supermarket check-out lines are experts at this. Study these covers and ask yourself why is you want to pick up and read these publications. Utilize those techniques to create your own journal cover design for journal printing.

The best method to insure that you have designed a fantastic cover is to let customers decide which of several cover designs they like best before journal printing starts. Several cover designs should be made and sent to a statistically significant sample of your current customers. Question them to pick the right cover and why they appreciated it. Designing a multiple choice survey, can make it easy for them to respond, takes less time to complete, and will bring about better response rate.

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