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Maneuvering Skateboards Upside Down – Controlling the Hover Board of the Future

The engineers and designers are becoming serious about building the skateboards of the future, but these will not be regular skateboards, we are talking hyper-maneuverable are positioned boards. In fact the web Think Tank is now preparing a special survey the Future of Skate Parks, Skateboards and Float Boards of the Potential. Indeed one of the most serious questions is safety. hoverboard pas cher

How can we maintain your hover board systems safe for the riders? How can we keep them from dumping their rider when maneuvering benefit down asks one Technology Expert from Amherst University or college in Massachusetts?

Great Problem and for your question of Hover Board stablizing, loops, rolls or benefit down flight here are some thoughts; We maintain your skateboard or hover panel in “Positive ‘G’ Mode” all the time. Only like doing a gun barrel roll in an airline, hang glider, parasail or helicopter. If you start with a high-speed large bank and make it all the way around you stay in good G sector.

In the special report from the Online Think Tank you will see two items in the report’s research section; # 2 and # 8. The board’s on-board sensors will sense the weight distribution and modify it for the rider. Consider the Segway methods or the young scientist who has the Motorcycle that competed in the DARPA Grand Concern? 

This technology is available now and will be further refined in the use of wheel chair, artificially intelligent robotic android os assisted living units and similar gyro systems are being used throughout the area, aviation, sea industries. You will find six axis communication antennas now used in many sectors. This is merely a matter of size, weight, cost and Moore’s Law. These detectors and systems will get so small that you can build a Zancudo size flying unit, and they are doing it now. This will help the stabilization system.

Many military fighters have electronic flight control auto-pilot type systems for launching off an aircraft carrier to dampen the buffeting also to prevent over correction by the human pilot. As well there are system which prevent a pilot from departing from flight by causing an impossible maneuver that the plane cannot do.

As the skateboarder places in a command the board will move, but not permit the biker to be in peril based on the level of play. You may be a beginner, but an advanced rider might turn that system off. Then someone will come along with magnetic boots to put them for upside down flight with no use of “G-Force” stability techniques and that invention will add to the fun for the most advanced riders. The Skateboard/Hoverboard will merely become a program “zoom-zoom” and it will have many uses besides just having fun.

The final stages of this technology in the future period will be a hoverboard handled by thought, like the future HUD systems used in the Apache Attack Helicopters but the helmet used for skateboarding would have been a very slender cap of carbon nano-tube material to safeguard the riders and see the neuron gears using an ultra-sound audio system system on an extremely low power setting between cap and through the skull.

“Your wish is my command and control”

And this is how The Online Think Fish tank envisions all of these integrated stableness and control systems will work. And they imagine it will work very well too. The question is are the young riders daring enough to go for it? Very well, it appears that they are, at least all the ones we requested the research project that is.

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