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Mesotherapy is a form of treatment that requires injecting little amounts of a compound into the mesoderm, which is the layer of fat and connective tissues directly below the epidermis. It really is thought that the injection of certain chemicals can either dissolve root fat, or cause curing by other mechanisms. Mesotherapy has been found in Portugal and other Countries in europe since the middle of the 20th century to treat conditions such as overweight, hair loss, sports accidents, and certain diseases of the circulation. It has only recently caught on in the US as a form of treatment for cellulite and local fat. mesotherapy supplies

The precise substance shot under your skin is determined by what condition has been treated. Natural substances, synthetic drugs, local anesthetics, and vitamins may be injected; these are thought to dissolve underlying excess fat and thereby cause weight loss. A tiny hook can be used to inject the substance, making this a less painful treatment than conventional injections with greater needles. Multiple treatment periods are usually needed. A single session may cost up to $600 or more, and may include special diet and exercise plans. 

Presently, Mesotherapy is considered a form of nonconventional medicine in the Usa States, and is relatively controversial. Mesotherapy practitioners and patients often claim excellent weight loss results in as little as about treatment sessions. However, Mesotherapy treatments are empiric, and currently lack concrete medical evidence of how exactly they work. Critics of Mesotherapy are unsure whether the weight loss reported by advocates is due to the treatment itself or to changes in lifestyle.

In the US, the practice of Mesotherapy is largely constrained to trained and qualified physicians, such as clear plastic surgeons. Nevertheless , no permit is currently needed to be a mesotherapist. It is therefore essential for anyone considering Mesotherapy to determine what compound is being injected, how many treatments will be required, and what potential side results may occur.

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