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Natural Hair Care – Different Flavors Of Natural Hair

So why did you decide to go natural? Does that sound like an satrical question? Well, I listen to that question constantly. This is funny because I actually do not feel like We went natural, because We were born natural. Permit me just elaborate a little bit for a moment. Our hair was in a natural express after our birth, yet there is a concept that when a person grows out with their “baby hair” they relax their hair, or they choose to go natural. There is a subculture that has embraced calm hair so deeply that relaxing hair is now typical and anything outdoors of that (i. electronic. natural hair) is seemed at as abnormal. I really do not have a personal issue with relaxed locks actually, I relaxed my hair for years. Nevertheless , at this point, my hair is at its full natural state. I like to give attention to how to embrace your hair in the state of beautiful hawaii that it was birthed and how to move your hair back into the natural state if you are not presently embracing it. Length Retention

When speaking about natural hair, I like to feel that there are different flavors of natural hair. After I first made the decision to transition my hair again into its natural point out, I had difficulty with finding specific information I had been looking for. Websites either focused on the natural design of dreadlocks (which My spouse and i will make reference to as just locks, as there is nothing cheap and nasty about them), or those who relax their head of hair without chemicals. Very well, my own flavor was, as my buddies affectionately refer to as, au naturale, which is not relaxing the head of hair at all and keeping it in its natural express without letting it ellen or lock. Let myself take time to give further insight into each flavor so that there is a deeper knowledge of each.

The first flavour of natural hair is locking or matting of the hair. People choose the buzz for various reasons. A lot of people choose this taste since there is a notion that this style was how our hair would look if we did practically nothing to it, hence an absolute natural feel. There is also a notion that locks and matted frizzy hair was evident in Holy book times. In the starting of creation combs, scissors, and flat irons were not available so when curly hair is left unmanaged, it will either matt or lock. There are individuals that similar to this style, yet want the look to look neat. They, who are found more in North american culture, maintain the buzz by using beeswax or any other substance to keep their hair in the locked state. In order to transition into another style from locks or matting, a person would need to cut their hair off. There are those who allege that you can soak nice hair to loosen the locks and remove them and still preserve the length of the hair, however if your hair is truly locked or matted with each other, the hair can not be “un-locked”.

The second flavor of natural hair is curly hair that does not use chemicals to unwind the hair. These individuals use alternative means to achieve the relaxed hair look. These alternative solutions can include pressing the brain of hair with a flat iron or a hot comb, obtaining your frizzy hair straightened at an Egypt or Dominican salon, or simply just blow-drying one’s hair. This kind of flavor is usually determined to preserve the frizzy hair from destruction that chemicals can cause, yet still achieve the look that chemically relaxed hair defines.

The third flavor of natural hair is curly hair that uses little to no products to keep up. Bulk of these individuals do wash-and-go styling. Some individuals with this hairstyle feel that this style requires minimal work and it is less expensive to upkeep. This kind of flavor is flexible numerous looks that can be achieved with assorted style. When I first began this flavor, I experienced to train my frizzy hair to achieve the look These days have.

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