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Overview of the Citroen DS3

Leading Gear announced its car of the year for 2010, and surprisingly, Citroen claims the most notable spot for the first time in the contest’s 11 season history, winning the subject with the great little Citroen DS3. The DS3 fended off competition from a dozen of the most desirable cars of the last 12 weeks, and it is straightforward to see how. more information

Since their release in spring 2010, it is strong competition for the tiny hot hatch used car market, including the Mini, Fiat 500, Audi A1 and Fiesta to name but a few. With its super cool looks and stand away from the crowd colors, and colour options it is difficult to find two the same! A used Citroen, especially a diesel used Citroen is becoming a very popular option – mainly as they are so cost-effective, and getting even more stylish then ever! 

The used Citroen DS3 can be bought with a good choice of petrol and diesel engine engines, so it is not hard to pick something excellent economical and high in performance without compromise! And with the three petroleum engines also being created by BMW, it has the same engine as its biggest rival the Mini. A used Citroen DS3 will not have a resale value as great as the Miniature though. Beginning with the entry level 1. 4VTi, which gives you 95bhp, it manages the 0-62mph test in a healthy 10. 6 seconds and still gives you a very useful 49mpg. Which in turn as compared with the rest of the range is certainly not poor, and with the two diesel engines giving a return of around 70mpg and one with exhausts as low as 99g/km Co?, this really is an economical sporty little used car.

When I actually was lucky enough to get myself one of these fantastic little used Citroens, I chose to go with the you. 6HDi 90bhp, and selected up the extremely well equipped “White Edition”, this included the LED diodes, chrome door mirrors, 17″ ‘Belone’ black diamonds likely alloy wheels (which were in excellent condition for an used car), air conditioning and sculpted entrance seats to mention but a few, and continues to deliver on average 72mpg.

It was a have difficulties to you should find an used Citroen DS3 in the 1. 6th diesel engine but my local dealership Budgen power generators worked extremely hard to get me one! This handles well and is genuinely a really great car to drive, with minimal body roll in the corners and nice responsive steering. It provides myself plenty of grip and feel through the steerage, which then gives myself a lot of self-confidence after i drive a little quicker on the smaller and more twisted country roads! Although the drive is hard, I feel that this is to be expected with the athletics suspension, the overall comfort is excellent, and with its small dimension and pretty good all-round awareness it really is nice and easy to dog park and drive around a busy town or city, even for a woman like me, and with the powerful monetary engine it is outstanding on the motorways with little engine and exterior sound.

Although it is merely available as a 3 door, interior space and comfort is not compromised, with ample head room and plenty of space for 2 or 3 individuals in the spine. Boot size is certainly not a problem with this little used Citroen, as it comes with a very sufficient 285 litre boot, bigger than the mini hatchbacks, Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo Mito.

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