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PlayStation Network’s Welcome Back Program Has Solid Choices

Any individual that hasn’t been living under a rock has seen the latest hacker attacks in good news. Nokia was hit very more than one occasion bumping its PlayStation Network service offline for over a month. The hackers took potentially sensitive information from thousands of PSN users in the process as well. What can we learn from this for the loyal gamers who refrained from trading in their PS3 for Xbox 360 360s during this time? The Welcome Back System. Sony answered this fidelity with a set of complementary downloads and subscriptions to various services such as the music service Qriocity as well as premium gambling service PlayStation Plus.¬†free ps plus

PLAYSTATION 3 owners can select 2 titles from the subsequent list:

Dead Land
Super Stardust HI-DEF
Wipeout HD + Ferocity

I personally have examined out Dead Nation, Notorious, LittleBigPlanet, and Super Stardust HD, all of which are great options for free download.

Dead Land
A birds-eye-view, dual-stick walking dead shooter by Housemarque has a similar look and feel to the Dry Ops Arcade mini game in Call of Obligation: Black Ops. The sport is split-screen and online co-op suitable which is a great addition since every PSN user will have an possibility to download this game and friends will most likely collaborate for a collective experience. Dead Land allows for character enhancements, a multitude of levels, and numerous guns to tear through the lots of brainless corpses.

Display: Nothing special aesthetically, effectively develops a spooky atmosphere. Unfortunately, standard characters and a typical zombie thriller plot detract from the complete quality of the game.

Graphics: Varied environments are detailed and fun. For times way too many zombies on screen can be difficult to see.

Sound: Bloodstream splattering, gunshots, and famished zombies, what more appear clips could you want? SFX are what you would expect, action crammed occasions bring about the best music this game is offering.

Gameplay: Fighting crowds of people of zombies with a wide variety of weapons is entertaining. Differentiation in living dead types is appreciated and controls are basic to pick up.

Gaming Accurate gives Dead Nation a 7/10

What a perfect moment for Sony to release Sucker Punch’s start world, comic book influenced game then right as the sequel is released. For those who overlooked the first, the Meet Back program has your back. A chance to be famous or infamous, friend or foe, is a rejuvenating factor often under looked into in free roam game titles. Plus, a souped up, electric powered protagonist (Cole McGrath) adds to the kickass… ness of the game.

Presentation: Large conditions to explore in your leisure, stylish cut scenes and an amazing finale. Nevertheless , I felt as if the location as a complete often blended together and did not stand away. The plot followed a very predictable pattern.

Graphic: The graphics are sound not spectacular. The electricity looks fantastic and the karma effects on Cole’s appearance are a nice touch.

Sound: Not so memorable. Cole’s shoes squeak persistently which bothered me through the whole game.

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