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Razor Burns – How Embarrassing is That?

Many of us have heard the term “razor burn” but just what is it? Why it happens? Most of all how do we get rid of computer if it happens to us? A razor burn can be as soft as a sunburn looking spot on your body where you have shaved, to a severe skin irritation and even infection. how to get rid of razor bumps on legs

Often razor blade burns cannot even be seen by others, but even if that is true if you ever before get a razor burn up you will definitely go through the burning discomfort. Sometimes you nick or cut the spot shaved and it will look like a mild rash. Or perhaps you can be one of the people that because of this of shaving you get something known as a razor bump. This kind of is a raised clou or welt. If you are black and have absolutely very kinky hair.. the hair follicles when shaved can get inflamed, this is known as Pseudofolliculitis.

Now we should go through the reasons razor allergy happens, the symptoms of razor rash and the strategies to stopping it and curing it.

First let us list the reasons why razor rash happens:

The razor blade is dull or dirty
You aren’t using any lubricant and also the wrong lubricant for your skin layer
You are shaving in the wrong direction-Yes it is important to get rid of with the growth of hair and not contrary of computer.
When shaving your are pushing down to hard, thinking you will get the hair base this way and have a cleaner smoother peal
You shave too often. Young men and keen women will do this shaving up to three to four times a day.
You are using disposable razors-These are more likely to cause problems
You have selected to us a shaving product that has skin issues in it such as; dye, alcohol and perfume
After you shave you cover the area with cologne or heavy with after shave lotions and creams
Symptoms of shaver rash:
Redness of skin
bumps in the area to shaved
Rashy looking appearance
Sometimes sores or pustules

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