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Remedies for an Ear Infection

Hearing pain is common in children and many parents are seeking remedies for an ear ache. Headsets pain, crying, irritability, fever, dizziness, pulling on the ear, low appetite, and reduced activity can all be symptoms of an ear ache. It’s important to really know what causes ear canal pain before deciding which remedies to use. Remedy for Ear Pain

What Causes an Ear Contamination?

Otitis media is usually referenced to as ear disease, even though in many cases there is no actual infection present. Otitis media actually means central ear inflammation and this is a complex concern that can be induced by a number of things.

You can check your child’s eardrums for redness with a small, home earscope or otoscope. A flushed, red ear canal may indicate an disease, but a red hearing could also be credited to allergies, teething, or excessive crying. 

Allergies Resulting in an Ear Infection

Long-term ear pain may be due to food or airborne allergies that can cause pressure changes within the center ear and can obstruct the Eustachian tube. The most frequent allergens that can cause ear pain are wheat, milk and dairy products, eggs, chocolates, citrus, corn, soy, almonds, shellfish, sugar, and fungus.

If your child has chronic ear infections, you really should try an elimination diet. Get rid of the allergen from your children’s diet for a month, then add it backside in and see what are the results. Dairy is the amount one contributor to years as a child ear problems so you may want to start with milk and dairy products products.

Lowered Immunity to Infection

In case your child’s immune system function is lowered, bacterias or viruses from the nose or throat can get into the middle ear and cause an ear infection. When these germs multiply, pus forms up behind the eardrum and enhances the pressure, which causes pain and inflammation in the ear. In some cases a common cold with a runny or rigid nose or a coughing precedes the ear discomfort.

A healthy, whole foods diet, low in sugar consumption, is important in increasing immunity in order to avoid infection. The wrong types of excess fat (hydrogenated oils seen in deep fried foods, margarine and baked goods) can cause inflammation and predispose a kid to recurrent ear attacks. Essential fatty acids (the good fats) help to increase immune function and minimize inflammation. Essential oily acids are found in cod liver oil, flax oil, evening primrose essential oil, borage seed oil and fish oil. Probiotics, the good intestinal bacteria, can increase immunity, and are necessary when a child has been on medication. A healthy diet with good fats, vitamin C, vitamin A, probiotics, and zinc are remedies for an ear ache.

Long term breastfeeding is the best thing to ensure that your child has a healthy immune system. Breasts milk contains a great deal of immune-building complexes your child needs. Children who are breastfed are overall healthier than patients who are not. The stroking action required to breastfeeding can help the Eustachian pontoons make, which can make a difference in the frequency of ear attacks. When a child is placed upon his or her back while bottle-feeding, this can push fluids in the Eustachian tube and cause ear problems.

Structural Obstruction in the Ear

At times a blockage in the ear is due to problems of the strength components throughout the ear and Eustachian tube, including the bones of the chin, skull and neck. A large number of things can change the proper movement of the bones in the mind, including falls, recurrent attacks, and the trauma of birth, particularly if forceps were used for delivery. Craniosacral work is the soft movement of the bone tissues of a child’s mind and sacrum, and these treatments can be remedies for an ear disease. Practitioners who do this work are usually chiropractic professionals who have a special course in cranial work, or osteopathic physicians.

Herbal Remedies for an Ear aches

Certain herbs are remedies for an ear disease. Garlic oil is very effective for ear discomfort. You can make garlic clove oil by infusing garlic herb with essential olive oil. You can also buy a mixture olive oil with garlic and mullein flowers. Warm the fat make it into the ear with a dropper. It’s important that the oil is near to body temperature and not keep or cold. You can also rub the essential oil around the ear and along the side of the neck. This helps to drain the smooth that gets built up in the ear. Garlic clove oil or garlic/mullein essential oil is very soothing and it contains compounds which have an anti-inflammatory action. This fights infection and reduces inflammation.

Astragalus is a tonic herb that raises immune function and beefs up resistance to disease. Echinacea can prevent a cool from creating an hearing infection. There are also various herbal formulas created for children’s ear infections available in health food stores. Stronger formulas available from either western or Oriental herbalists.

These are some alternative remedies for an ear infection. If you have questions about which treatment is most suited for your child, contact your holistic physician.

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