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Social Network Marketing Gathers Quality Traffic For Your Business

There exists a lot of buzz building about the power of social multi level marketing (and World wide web 2. 0) to develop a business. And not simply growth for the big dog corporate giants, but growth for little store-front businesses, network marketing businesses, spare-bedroom businesses, garage businesses… and most importantly, your business. dokme

The numbers make sense. Everyone can see that the ‘Net is a giant, noisy industry. Surely everyone can get a slice of that pie. 

As financial times get tougher (and when you have a business, things are usually challenging to start) Mom and Pops are cranking up their marketing plan by looking to gain access to the Promised Land: The Internet. Eager to try, small businesses proprietors seek the services of a site designer and get hosting. They build an elegant website, they smile, and they brace themselves for the onslaught of excited customers who will clean their store shelves of product.

Then… crickets.

This kind of week, Specialists a few of business owners about how precisely they advertise using the Internet. The charming female who owns the candies shop on the spot took her business to the ‘Net, but now she’s convinced it’s a dead end. She launched an attractive website that her nephew built for her over a 12 months ago. They have pretty design. It describes her store’s product and her love about candy-making. Her site provides a hyperlink to a map service so people can chart a route to her store. She now says, “That’s simply a lot of noise. I did not get one customer from that website. The Net doesn’t work. ”

The great fellow who has the electronic fix-it shop up the street is running his business quite near the bone these days. He says it’s impossible to take on the huge box stores and he is paying his bills by selling stuff on Your local craigslist ads. I asked him if he ever considered sociable multi level marketing to find customers and he said, “What, like chat rooms and stuff? How’s that heading to bring me any business? I don’t have time to chat with people a million mls away. They can be never heading to buy anything here. ”

Then I provided him $13 for the item he’s selling on Craigslist. He didn’t seem to be happy to associated with sale and no surprise. He’s a talented man and he’s schlepping garage area sale goods to pay the sunshine bill.

Below is what these smart, hard-working business owners are absent: A website is not Website marketing. It’s simply a website. Without traffic, a site is like a flashy billboard on a road by using a ghost town. More serious, 2 weeks. flashy billboard advertising an actual location that’s too far away for the tumbleweeds coming through town to even bother READING.

So what is social network marketing and how would it solve this problem for my example business owners? Very well, social network marketing will only solve 50 % of the challenge for my friends. The very first thing they need to do is to rethink the purpose of their website.

Using a site to help people get to their physical location is NUTS. Any Advertising 101 class tells all of us that business owners need to find a specific niche market market and give a product to that niche that solves a problem or need. For example, I actually recommend that my delicious chocolate shop owner sell her sugar-free chocolates to a special needs diabetic specialized niche. I’m advising my gadgets guy to offer online video transfers to baby boomers who want to make family histories.

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