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The Best Boba Milk Tea Shops in LA

In the last couple of years, hundreds of little tea outlets have opened up everywhere over the Los Angeles area. And from the time the first “tea zone” opened, tea become wildly popular, and you will now locate one on almost every corner. A number of the biggest tea chains include Lollicup, and Quickly, but there are many more tea outlets which may have opened independently and are also doing extremely well. We guess that this is because the infamous boba milk tea is a tasty drink, especially in the hot summer months we LA-goers experience. mo quan tra sua

The most popular and by far most widely known tea shop is Lollicup. Many people swear by their top secret milk tea blend, that we have tried to figure out often times before in our own kitchen areas. Their milk tea is the perfect blend of icy, creamy milk and properly brewed black tea, and the tapioca pearl jewelry that they use are cooked to perfection with just the right amount of sweetness and chew up. Milk tea, although generally made with black tea, can also incorporate other types of tea as well. For more information on different types of tea, check out whispertea. com. Lollicup also offers many different flavors for your milk tea, such as jasmine, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, almond, and caffeine flavored tea. Milk tea is not the only drink on the menu though; Lollicup delivers espresso, slushies, and smoothies as well. Not only do they serve a complete variety of drinks, they also offer many small snack items. These range from Fries to deep-fried tempura, in addition to many traditional Asian snacks that a person can try. The atmosphere of Lollicup is very relaxed, and many teenagers and adults can be found socializing with their friends or doing their homework between the squashy couches scattered around the tea zone. 

One other favorite is the tea shop called Quickly, appropriately named for their rapid service. This is very much like Asian fast food, and is nearly the same as Lollicup. However, many people find that their dairy tea is not as sweet, neither is it as satisfying as the tea found at Lollicup. An excellent second choice though, and one of the features of Quickly is that you will see not only your typical black tapioca pearls, however you will also find white tapioca pearl jewelry. These white tapioca pearl jewelry are sweeter, chewier, and in addition they have fewer calories than the black tapioca pearl jewelry! Quickly also offers the same flavored milk green tea and slushies. They have a greater array of treat foods than Lollicup as well, which might make it an improved choice for some people. The lovely potato fries that they serve here are delightful, and recommended.

We simply cannot forget about the various tea shops that are not chain stores as well. Among our absolute favorites is a tiny one called Genki Living, found in Arcadia, CA. That isn’t specifically a boba milk tea shop; rather this can be a Japanese treat food shop which happens to sell some excellent boba milk tea. In the event that you drop by, all the snacks there are real Japanese snacks, from taiyaki (fish shaped cakes with various stuffing) to boule (Japanese fried potato cakes). All three of all these boba shops are excellent selections for whenever you’re yearning a flavorsome pick myself up.

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