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The Best Leather Satchels

The Ruitertassen collection of leather satchels and briefcases lay down claims to being the leading brand in this field. Estabished in Athens in 1927, this range has been a most liked for generations of potential buyers throughout Europe. The products are recognized for their strength. The life time use often exceeds 20 years. Many have been passed down the family over time, now there are many internet deals you’ll often see Ruitertassen bags getting sold on as cherished antiques. These old leather satchels and cases really can have another time around when the quality can there be. In the past the satchel design has always recently been popular for school use. Best Leather Satchel

Recently the Cambridge Satchel Company has re-created the look into the “must-have” accessory dress item of the past few years. Choose from an array of colors and sizes atlanta divorce attorneys fashion outlet you pass. They’re even on sale in Tate Modern! Ruitertassen has enjoyed it’s own revival with this trend, nevertheless the craze moves on, american presto will bring on as before. 

What makes them so special?

First and foremost the leather is sourced from one of Belgium’s leading tanneries, using local animal skins. These are a bare minimum 2. 5 mm judge, which is thick but supple. Each of the zips and components are selected for their quality which toughness factor.

Secondly the designs have not really altered over time. If you get it right in the first place, then that’s what you maintain. The result is a remarkably well-engineered product. The market for anyone classic briefcases and satchels is mostly instructors and students, and they are much favoured by doctors and lawyers, and generally any professional who carries a cargo of their work together with them. With the arrival of pcs many styles in the range were re-specified to feature strong protection sleeves for laptops.

Also an amount of items have the option of attaching strap to make a bag or satchel into a backpack. This can be a very useful feature as going by cycle is becoming ever more popular. Ruitertassen is unique in making a complete range of frees for the brand. Having used a bag for years, customers can come back for replacement connectors or buckles when the need eventually arises. With prices for adult styles in the? 130 to? 250 band [ US $ 250 – $400 ] these products offer great value as a product investment, please remember, you can always sell them on or hand them down!

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