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We have been following the Christian Gregorian Calendar for just about 2000+ years now and it beyond any doubt is a non standard method for tallying the days, months and years as it depends on the sun oriented year which is characterized when taken for the earth to make one finish upset round the sun. Kkalendar Masihi & Kalendar Hijrah

Presently, this date-book moves toward becoming klutzy as a result of the way that the a year don’t fit in with an equivalent number of days and furthermore the jump year factor of Feb 29 which is essential at regular intervals to keep it in sync with the sun oriented year. 

Why is it important to be in sync with the seasons for a schedule whose essential object is to check time? Wouldn’t it be advantageous and helpful on the off chance that we had a long time of equivalent number of days?

My straightforward and humble view is that we need a logbook, totally without religion, seasons, and all such outside components, simply in view of a standard arrangement of days, weeks, months and years that adjust to some uniformity.

Eg; A day is included 24 hours and that is settled. A month needs a settled number of days and weeks, and a year needs a settled number of days, many months.

A Calendar having 13 months of 28 days each would give us a time of 364 days. Besides it would settle the quantity of weeks in every month to 4. In the event that we begin the year on a Sunday, eg Year 2006, at that point each month will start on a Sunday. Seven days will keep on having its 7 days from Sunday to Saturday as some time recently.

This NEW year will now have 1.25 days not as much as the Gregorian Year. This implies the seasons will move as the year progressed, gradually however relentlessly, until the point that the schedule comes back to its unique begin season at regular intervals. This time period amnounts to just about ten ages of mankind expecting that an age is conceived at regular intervals, roughly.

Presently a year will have a settled number of 364 days, inside 13 months. Every month will have four settled weeks startng and finishing around the same time in this way giving 28 settled days.

While it s simple to recommend and take a gander at the plausibility of acknowledgment of such a proposition one has additionally to audit what sort of effect such a change wll have on the life of the World.

While timekeepers wll not be influenced regarding Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Degrees, they will even now must be changed in accordance with show the right New Month and Year. This can have numerous consequences in that all advanced ekectronic gear from hand held pocket adding machines, to cell phones, to Computer Hardware, Software to Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, TV sets, Video, CDAudio and DVD recorders utilize the day and year highlight inside them for executing different client wanted capacities. Truth be told it would have been the perfect chance to have possessed the capacity to execxute such a change amid the Y2K year when all product and related capacities must be changed over to fit in with the new Millenium year design.

Regardless this may be a for the last time practice that wll be should have been connected to all current electronic computerized gadgets. Future manurfactured gear can undoubtedly adjust to the new framework without much trouble.

By this we likewise increase much as far as equity of the quantity of days inside a month whch is valuable since months are utilized for figuring many fiscally related occasions in life, viz; lease, pay, installments, contracts, and so forth and so on.

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