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The Evolution of Experiential Marketing

What, in your opinion, would qualify as an area that has seen a viral growth over the past 50 years approximately?

Yes, you got that right, it is indeed communication! buy telegram members

Through the good old days of newspapers, theatre, radio and billboard, we now have seen a rapid development of TV reaching deep into the interiors of the country since the time when TV arrived to India in late 1950s. Where it was once the Indian Postal Assistance and their leisurely delivery of letters, the telegrams in the pink varieties, we now have courier services delivering anywhere within a given time. The Telegrams made means for Telexs and Faxes, which soon made way for E-mails and SMS. I didn’t be surprised if soon we develop the capacity to plant purchasing decisions into people’s head immediately – something along the lines of Christopher Nolan’s Inception. 

From a sole Government run Door Darshan channel, today we have over 200 channels on TV to choose from. From one newspaper, we have the slew of morning papers, the day tabloids and the eveningers.

On the radio front side, from being regarded as an ‘upcountry’ medium catering to the farmers, radio has brought in the FM and the various stations each catering to a different target group. Today, you have appointment advertising over Radio, for The lord’s sake! I keep seeing and hearing about walk-in interviews for BPOs over a popular radio station – clearly the station must be creating a lot of young listeners (and some old ones too, like me personally! ).

It’s an age of over-communication. As human being beings, there’s only a whole lot we can hold in our heads. But the onslaught of communication is persistent, frequent and not finishing. From a nation that had single or limited brand in each category, we are now up against a multitude of brands in every brand category. Remember the days when everyone wore Bata shoes? Or when everyone used an HMT watch? Not to mention, the radio in the house would be a Philips or a Murphy. In the event that you where one of the lucky few to own a refrigerator, it would have been a Kelvinator or an Allwyn. Today, you cannot keep track of the available brands in all the above mentioned categories.

From the time you get up to time you sleeping, it’s about making options on brands. Which tooth brush to use, which tooth paste gives you fresher, mintier breath, prevents tooth rot away, keeps your gums healthy to which soap offers you clearer skin, enables you to fairer, let’s your epidermis breathe…. Whew! The alternatives are too many. And each marketer keeps upping your bets on the budget. Previous year we spent only Rs. 45 crores? This kind of year let’s up it and spend Rs. 63 crores. Think about it. How is any consumer going to be still left with any space in his mind to keep in mind your brand? And more important, buy it at the shop level, where this individual is again going to be inundated with more point-of-sale advertising? Add to this, the media options have grown too.

For some point, we thought ‘Direkt Marketing’ or ‘One-to-One’ Marketing to be the answer. Direct mailers, sources made their appearance and soon enough, i was acquiring about 200 mailers a day selling everything from charge cards to personal loans to memberships in local clubs. Like that were not enough, we got into mobile cell phones and SMS. Now we are bludgeoned with unrequested text messages and unrequested telephone calls. So much to a point where lately, our Finance Minister Mister. Pranab Mukherjee apparently received a call on his mobile asking if this individual wanted a personal loan (enough for him to see red)! And we have not even broached after the subject of behavioural advertising!

It’s at this point when you realize that mass press or Above the Range is all well, but is it worth the advertising buck? Or perhaps there is something more focussed and experiential?

Enter Experiential Advertising, or simply just put – Celebration Management & Promotions.

Experiential Marketing is the course to take in this overcommunicated world. It’s focussed on the goal – you need to invite the particular required target audience. It’s effective – the invited audience really know what is in store, so no sudden surprises to them. It experiential – the group get to experience the brand in 3D. They can touch and feel the brand in a manipulated environment. The entertainment – the audio and lights deliver more oomph than a 31 second TVC could deliver over TV.

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