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The Music in Gossip Girl Episode 17 – “Woman on the Verge”

Girl On The Verge is a pretty hefty instance, and the music selections are as varied as the thoughts and tasks that each character will take on. The sounds of jazz and soothing songs paired with touching words of the tune fill the silence. While a bonus, GG music group, Lincoln Hawk plays a protective cover of Pieces of Me personally by Song and Wagner. The band is participating in the song at the very end of the episode, when Georgina has left the concert with Dan and the slumber of the gang occurs at the concert to confront her. musically followers 2017

There are more songs paired to Georgina scenes in this episode than any other. At the beginning of the episode there is also an assemblage of Georgina looking to regularly get a hold of Serena and phoning her non stop. During the montage Cities In Dirt by Junkie XL presenting Lauren Rocket plays and leads into the landscape where Lily commences to locate Serena’s room. When Georgina lies to Dan to acquire him to leave with her and dispel any rumors, Stay by Mack Loeb plays in the background. 

Strong music uses Serena as she moves through her revelation of and then works with the secret she has stored for a year. The moment Serena’s mom finds and plays the sex record that Georgina was using to blackmail Serena, Away the Wall by Cham Pain begins. As the sex tape continues and Lily keeps watching Lift and Line by The Kills gets louder and louder. Similar song earnings later when Serena uncovers her story and meows over the kiss that Dan and Georgina distributed.

Finally, when Blair and Chuck treat Serena like the friend she actually is and come to her security at Lily and Bart’s rehearsal dinner, Fight Track by Republic Tigers takes on. Jazz can be read in the background later when Blair informs Lily that what Serena needs is a mother and not a discipliner.

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