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The One Thing You MUST DO to Reap the Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

The countless garlic health benefits are no secret. Open any health publication or read any health blog and you will see that garlic is probably one of the healthiest foods around. However there’s one thing that a whole lot of folks don’t inform you and that’s there is a certain way you have to eat garlic if you wish to savor the full great things about this tasty herb. que pasa si comemos ajo crudo

What Is Garlic?

Raw garlic herb is actually a light. Yep, you might be conditioned to think it is a “food” (Ok, it’s really an plant but the part you eat is the bulb) but any gardener that takes a look at the individual pieces will recognize it as a bulb. In fact, garlic herb comes from the same family as the red onion of course, if you planted the bulb and let it grow rather than eating it, you would realize that it has long narrow leaves kind of like big rotor blades of grass and white flowers. 

Garlic health benefits have been known to man since before the ancient Greeks and Journal who used to eat garlic quite somewhat and today many believe it is one of the healthiest things that one can eat.

Garlic Health Benefits

Consequently, what’s so excellent about garlic?

Raw garlic has a host of health benefits not the least of which is that they have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. This being the situation, people who eat garlic might benefit from it’s function as a natural antibiotic that can help protect from bacterias and viruses. The great thing about garlic is the fact unlike man-made antibiotics, the bacteria will not build up a resistance to it so it is natural and safe for both you and environmental surroundings.

The antifungal properties of raw garlic can help to drive back fungal attacks like yeast. And, people who eat garlic might also find that they get way less insect bites from mosquitoes and ticks. Not only that but garlic is the powerful antioxidant which means it will help protect you against those nasty free foncier.

When it comes to cardiovascular disease, several studies suggest that garlic may be beneficial. These studies have shown that it may assist to lower cholesterol as well as blood pressure and help to maintain your blood “think” thus lowering the risk of heart stroke and blood clots.

Early on studies show that if you eat raw garlic herb (the way I’ll speak about below), then the allicin may be able to fight cancer cells.

Just how You MUST Eat Garlic herb To Get The Whole Effects

OK, so below is the scoop.

You need to eat garlic a certain way in order to get the full garlic health benefits mentioned above!

You see, a compound called allicin is actually gives garlic clove it’s pungent flavor and also the most powerful associated with it’s health benefits. BUT, the allicin is merely created when you mash up the garlic herb and then leave it for 10 minutes!!! Is actually some sort of chemical substance reaction that takes so very long to get to “full power” and the power starts to decrease after 1 hour.

So that means, if you need to experience the most powerful garlic health improvements, you need to mash in the raw garlic (I use a garlic press nevertheless, you could really cut it up into teeny small pieces with a cutlery or mash it with a fork or spoon) and then let it sit for a couple of minutes. In that case add it to your food or drink it in a juice within the hour.

Yes, it is rather strong this way but after a while you do get used to it!

How Much To have?

A couple of cloves a day must do it.

Now, I realize you may start smelling too garlicky so you might want to experiment a lttle bit with the garlic levels until you work out how much you can eat without having your buddies and co-workers avoid you want the plague. Unless, naturally, you want them to!

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