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Ultraviolet Light (UV) Air Cleaners: A Smart Additional Move for Mold Remediation/Removal

Should you own a home that has mold, or your having mold remediation services performed-or if you’re in the mold remediation business-the clear goal is to reduce the existing mold and prevent and future restoration or air pollution. Often what a lot easier said than done, though, and many times the mould starts coming back after a short time. When this is usually triggered by a moisture source, a leak, etc that wasn’t found or set, one thing you can do to sharply slice down on any chances of mold re-growing or repeated remediation visits is to use something that kills the mold spores and disables their capability to reproduce: that would be germicidal UV light air purification systems attached in the air refresher ducts.¬†mold inspection nj

UV light has been used for many years to sanitize just about everything from drinking water to surfaces in the healthcare and medical industrial sectors, as well as labs and many other applications where complete disinfection is necessary. And putting these ultraviolet lights in air conditioners does much the same thing: provided that you do have lab-grade UV bulbs in the device, these air cleaners cause any bacteria or mildew that float by to be exposed to high levels of UV-C light rays, which destroys the cell structure on most bacterias and mold spores, and destroys their DNA, copy them incapable of recreating. So it would make sense that if if you’re trying to reduce black mildew or any other kind of mold to have something constantly killing any remaining mold spores that could be surrounding this time after remediation treatments have recently been performed. Obviously ensuring that any sources excess moisture resources have been removed is very important, but making sure any remaining form spores are killed is an important step in order to sure it doesn’t come back.

For everyone in the mold remediation business, evidently your name and reputation is typically based how well your remediation procedures work, so if you were to offer quality UV light air cleaners as an additional service, you would probably beat out your opponents since almost no-one we’ve seen is offering this as an added step to protecting against future mold growth. For anyone, however, home owner or mold remediation business owner, make sure that the ultraviolet light air cleanser systems you choose include true 36 watt lab-grade bulbs-lesser wattage bulbs simply don’t work as well and also you don’t want to offer or install something that is going to do an inferior job of disinfecting the air.

And, you want at least two bulbs located in the output part of the air conditioner duct, following the area where the air passed the coils. The coil of an air conditioner or HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING system is a common breeding ground for mildew and bacteria because it stays wet due to the natural condensation induced by the freon air cooling process, so in retrospect you want the UV light system on that side-so any mould spores or bacteria that are released as air blows across the coils area get exposed to the light rays and destroyed before they have a chance to be blown out into your home.

I hope this post helps anyone looking for much more complete black mold or other mold removal or remediation. If you have any questions, please contact us below.

Hi, Now i’m Rex Murphy, owner of Air Purifiers and Cleansers. com. I wrote this content to hopefully help those looking to more completely be free from of black or other mold in homes or buildings and prevent it from coming back again by using quality duct-mounted UV light air cleansing agents.

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