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Using Video For SEO

Repeatedly we hear that SEO needs to be done for the consumer, not for the search engine – that’s true. Part of doing SEO is customization your site with wealthy content media. One of those medias is videos. Below is a place of benefits that come from video optimization for your website, YouTube and be featured on various social media sites.¬†¬†pair

Video tutorials Can Decrease Your Jump Rate

With Google revisions, Panda and Penguin, we know that the reason of these updates is to increase visibility for sites that Google believes as high quality sites – while decreasing the rank of sites that are deemed low quality. Bounce Rate, as identified by Google is “the percentage of single-page appointments (i. e. visits in which the person kept your site from the access page. ) Rebound rate is a strategy of visit quality and a high bounce rate generally indicates that site access (landing) pages usually are relevant to your guests. ” Providing an participating – content rich online video on your site can help lower your bounce rate. It drops your jump rate by providing the actual customer or existing customer with engaging material that will keep the guests on the page much longer. And as we understand, the longer a visitor is on you site it decreases your bounce rate and then Google believes site as being high quality. While if the bounce price for your site is higher Yahoo may then determine this website as being of less quality. By providing a content rich video that will answer or participate users effectively, you can decrease your sites jump rate.

Videos May help you Get ranking

You are 53 times more likely to ranking with a video, compared to ranking with text exclusively. The reason for this variance is that there is still less competition for videos than there is for text content. A video showcased by using a YouTube accounts can further help you reach first page location because YouTube is the MVP for Google search results; after all Yahoo owns YouTube. As a matter of fact, around 80% of videos on the search engines search result page are from YouTube while the other 20% come from sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo and Metacafe. Of the Google search result videos, over 80% are informative videos. Why is that? People want to know how to do something. EricTheCarGuy, on YouTube will exactly this. He is a mechanic, but this individual has plenty of videos how to fix various car problems and even how to identify them. That is not only educational, but he also displays his knowledge thus building his reputation. Being a potential client, it helps with building trust and confidence that if you were to take your automobile into him he would know just what to do.

Get the Links, Videos

Videos get links. Have you seen the viral Harlem Move videos? Everyone from companies to news teams to sports teams have become in on this virus-like video sensation. While a viral video is different from say, an organization online video, it illustrates the writing and linking benefits of videos. If you publish your videos to various video search engines like google you can increase your exposure. Sites like YouTube – DailyMotion – Vimeo – Metacafe can all assist your exposure thus boosting your backlinks and even create website link building opportunities.

Social Mass media Backlinks

There are loads of other sites that you can submit your video to other than just Facebook and Twits. Sites that you might not exactly be familiar with. Sites like Reddit, Tumblr, Get, StumbleUpon and Google+. You can even edit your video down to a clip or teaser and post it with Twitter’s Vine. You can then use the Vine online video to direct traffic straight to your website to enable them to view the complete video. Grape vine videos are even starting to convey more link electricity because they are distributed so easily and you have to be creative to engage any customer in 6 seconds. Raisin streaming power is comparable to that of Instagram as well so it gets to a bunch of visitors. By creating videos on these various social mass media outlets you are also increasing the potential hyperlink value of your online video. Not merely will this increase your viewership and therefore your ranking, but it will also aid in creating more conversions.

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