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Video Production Business Tips – Just How Profitable Are Real Estate Video Services?

To higher understand whether or not your video production business can earn a living shooting online video tours for the real estate industry, you must first be familiar with customer. Real Estate organizations are comprised of multiple realtors who are nothing at all more than independent installers. live broadcast

The Realtors give up a tiny percentage of each sale to the organization in exchange for brand name recognition and management software program as office space, secretaries, sales training seminars, technology training, and so forth The individual real estate agents are in charge of funding their own marketing efforts. (i. e. virtual tours, paper listings, magazine listings, personal billboards, and so on ) 

After presenting our product to several True Estate brokerage firms, the top executives all made it quite clear that the agency will not pay for virtual trips. Knowing that you will not be successful in marketing your product to the various agency management, it is important that you find out about the agent.

The average realtor is a 43 year old woman who makes around $40, 000 a 12 months. Those statistics tell you a lot with respect to your possible customer. First, how well does indeed this demographic use technology? My experience has recently been that there are incredibly few in the real house industries that are techno literate.

You conclude not only trying to market your video production services, but training the real estate agents how use their computer as well. Not fun! Second, she only makes $40, 000 per 12 months. Now I’m sure which after all expenses, but you remain dealing with an individual/company that most likely grosses about $65, 000 per year.

Just how many companies do you work together with or hear about that take good thing about professional video production services if they can’t even break the 6 digit draw in gross income? The end result is that the average real estate professional can’t afford your online video services unless you want to charge them less than $100 per online video tour.

Some of you may feel that $100 per head to would be fine if you had enough volume level. In that case, let me break down how long it will require to produce a high quality video tour.

Now i’m first going to believe that you will not be adding a voice-over to the tour. (If you do, it will require about an hour between writing the script, getting it approved, and recording the voiceover. In the event you had a professional do the read, you would have to pay them as well. )

Okay, so that you obtain the order from Paul Realtor to produce a video tour of his lake side property in Anytown, USA. The vital thing you have to do is schedule an occasion to meet the realtor at the home. It will usually take an average of 20 minutes to reach the property. Once on location, it takes about an hour to shoot the interior and exterior of the house.

After producing several tours, our team got it down to about 45 minutes. Put another 20 minutes to get back to your studio. If you are efficient with your non-linear editing system, the post process completes in about 30 minutes. Once you have completed the modify and added music, it will take you about 5 minutes to encode the video to flash or windows media.

Then you are going to spend about 5 minutes posting the files to your video host. When the data files are ready to be viewed on-line, you will want to test them to make certain they look ok. That will take about 10 minutes.

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