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Where’s The Most Valuable Space in Your Home? It’s Where You Keep Your Jewelry and Money

Just about every homeowner has the same concerns for protecting their jewelry, money and other valuable possessions. That is why no home is safe without a safe. ed marshall jewelers

Hiding places are not convenient, particularly if you neglect where they can be. A home safe is an important part of any home security system. Luxury safes bring home safes one stage further by offering designer style and turning home security into interior decor. 

Custom sizes allow you to setup the safe quickly any place in your home. If space is limited, safes can be built to fit into closets, furniture or cabinets. Since no two people have the same earrings collection, drawers are specially configured to meet the storage needs of each client. For watch hobbyists, programmed watch winders can be installed.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal and convenience of luxury safes, robbery protection is the reason for purchasing a safe in the first place. Therefore, it is very important to know the dissimilarities between safes in order to choose the the one which offers the level of safety you would like.

To guarantee you are purchasing a safe that provides the amount of security you want factors to consider that it is UL rated for burglary and fire safeguard. A jeweler is required to get a safe with an UL score for insurance coverage, so just why shouldn’t a home safe protect your valulables with the same confidence?

Almost all manufacturers claim that their safes are strong, but it is impossible so that you can make certain of a safe’s strength unless it has been tested by UL, the leading authority. That they subject the safe to various forced entry testing using an assortment of tools. These are the same tests used to rate high security safes in the charms and banking industries.

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