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WiFi Hotspots For Your Hotel – A Guide to Providing Guest Internet Access

Offering guest Internet access in your Hotel can be an useful extra earnings stream and many customers now expect Access to the internet to be available. Systems is often as basic as a $50 Wireless router in the Lodge lobby or as intricate as installing network factors in each room and running an onsite hardware. best netgear router

Guest Room or Foyer Access
The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to provide access in every guest room or maybe in the lobby? With regards to the layout of your property it could possibly become a much larger project to provide access in every guests room. 

Wired or Wi-fi
Another important question is whether you want your guests to hook up to the Internet via born or wireless network interconnection. Generally WiFi is more popular and much easier to installation. Wired (LAN) access can work better in situation where WiFi propagation is poor, such as complexes with very thick wall surfaces. Unless you already have Cat5 wiring in place it can cause a lot of disruption to run new wiring with each guest room.

Cellular – How many Get Points?
The easiest way to determine how many WiFi Access Points you require is to bring out a site review. You’ll desire a WiFi router and a Laptop. Simply by creating the router in a possible area (At this stage it does not need to be Net Connected) and walking around with the laptop you can figure out how far the signal can reach. It’s worth attempting different WiFi channels as that can sometimes make a huge difference to transmission strength. Some tips to improve the range

Mount the AP as high on a wall as is feasible.
Consider using an external antenna to increase signal power.
Try to ensure a type of sight from the AP to the Hotspot area
Try to avoid positioning APs near large items of metal or in back of metal doors

Every property is different; on the whole if you have a multi-story property you may consider an access point in the stairway on each floor. For a more spread out property you may require several APs per floor.

Wireless – Connecting APs with LOCAL AREA NETWORK, WDS or HomePlug
When you’ve figured out how many APs you require for your property is actually time to take a look at how they will hook up to your Internet connection. Intended for just one AP gowns easy as you can choose to mount it near your cable or DSL connection. For several APs, particularly if they are on several floors of a building it can be more work. 1 option is by using a wired network website link with hook up each AP back in a central router that is linked to the Internet – Found in the trade this is actually a “backbone” interconnection. Another neat option is to use Wireless Syndication System (WDS). This is a protocol available on some WiFi routers that allows them to hook up to the other person to provide coverage of a better area. The final option is to use HomePlug networking devices that transfer data over electrical wiring from a regular wall socket. Two home plug devices could be used to hook up a WiFi router on one floor of your Hotel returning to your central Internet router.

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